Alexander the Great - General Lysimachos, King of Thrace. Silver Tetradrachm Coin Struck in Lampsakos, Thrace, 297-282 B.C.

"Ruler of one of the "heir" kingdoms established by the companions and generals of Alexander, Lysimachus issued a large coinage that have provided the earliest near contemporary likenesses of Alexander to come down from antiquity in quantity. Of the two general portrait types, idealized and naturalistic, this coin is among the finest examples of the latter."

Silver Tetradrachm Coin [17.1 g] Head of deified Alexander the Great right, with diadem and horns of Ammon, the Egyptian god and equivalent of Zeus from whom Alexander claimed his divinity. Boldly and fully struck and a very realistic portrait of Alexander. Lysimachos was a trusted bodyguard of Alexander's and once saved his life during a lion hunt. He was rewarded by Alexander with the Kingdom of Thrace which he constantly defended in war. He was killed at the Battle of Corupedium while fighting Seleucus. One of the finest Alexander the Great coin portraits in existence.