• Black marble female mask
  • Mayan Limestone Panel
  • Shaman Quimbaya
  • Sinu Gold pectoral Shaman
  • Mayan Jade plaque
  • Sinu Gold Necklace
  • Mayan Ball Court Marker
  • Six Shaman Gold Pectoral
  • Sinu Large Gold Embossed Pectoral
  • Twin Shaman Gold Pendant
  • Mayan Jade Portrait Mask
  • Shaman Gold Pectoral
  • Gold Crown
  • Shaman Gold Pectoral Zoomorphic Shamans
  • Mayan Large Ceremonial Plate
  • Mayan Warrior with Shield
  • Mayan Architect Statue
  • Mayan Priestess Statue of a Priestess Mayan
  • Mayan Ruler Stucco and native pigments
  • Egyptian Sarcophagus
  • Inca Tunic Upper Andes
  • Inca Tunic
  • Aztec Temple Urn
  • Inca War Clubs
  • Inca Tunic
  • Gold Treasure Sinu Tribe
  • Sinu Tribe Gold Headdress
  • Gold Pectorals Sinu
Whether Ancient Greece, Rome, Egypt or the Americas, there are strikin similarities between these ancient worlds that were so far apart. Each culture included beliefs in religions and techniques of art that led to the development of civilization.

In collecting the historical art of these cultures, it is amazing that the Egyptians and the Ancient Americans both built pyramids and monumental architectural cities, even thought they never met (or did they?). Magnificent art in gold and weavings were produced by all these cultures yet the gold workof the Americans was superior to the Greeks - and their weavings greatly surpassed those of the Ancient Egyptians. Vast armies were amassed and armed with weaponsthat were sometimesnot that different from Alexander's great armies.

Although the peoples of this era are lost to time, we have in their art they left behind a magnificent opportunity to revisit the ancient history of these great civilizations. Where Ancient Worlds Meet .
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