XXI st Dynasty, circa 1069-945 B.C.

This ubiquitous Egyptian artifact was a worker figure placed in the tombs of the Pharaohs (god-kings) and lesser individuals alike -- one for every day of the year. The figure would be called on to perform agricultural labor or other servile functions in the stead of the deceased -- in order to provide the sustenance and maintenance for the latter in the fterlife. Since Alexander took his godhead from an Egyptian god, and was later entombed there, if his burial followed Egyptian ritual he too should have been supplied with this colorful workforce of eternity.

The mumiform figure, with tripart lappet wig, stands with arms crossed at wrists, all covered in a choice dark turquoise blue glassy glaze. Over painted in violet-black glaze are: the inscription running down along the front, the eyes, the knotted headband, the pick and hoe, and lastly, the seed basket hanging on the back. 3-7/8 inches high.
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